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Discover the real-world benefits of our corporate leadership training and team building program, coaching, assessments, consulting and speaking services. Join the many agencies and individuals who improved leadership performance utilizing the knowledge and experience shared by Al Bolea, developer of the Applied Leadership Development Program and co-author of the popular textbook, Applied Leadership Development.

Leadership Training Program


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"What I have found is that executive leadership coaching and the Applied Leadership Seminar are transformational. Not only do executives improve their leadership ability, but when teams come together for a shared learning experience about leadership they walk away not only being better leaders individually, but the team is more cohesive, the team knows what’s expected of it, and the team knows how to inspire the rest of the organization."

-Al Bolea 

What Clients Are Saying about Team Building in Texas:

Al Bolea and Applied Leadership transformed our company. We are more focused, more capable, and better able to deal with opportunities and challenges. It's amazing how much Al's insights have influenced us, everything from our organization structure, to the way Continue Reading

Cory Borgeson, CEO Golden Valley Electric (GVEA) May 30, 2017

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Successful teams are built — no magic necessary.

During an Applied Leadership Team Building seminar, you’ll learn the necessary building blocks of a high-performing team, and why true leadership is necessary to unlock the potential of your team. You’ll discover the secret to creating the future you envision, and get the tools you need to build it for your team. You’ll learn to understand yourself as a means to understand others and how to build a diversity of strengths into your team. Finally you’ll get real insights and practice nurturing a group along the journey from being polite strangers, to fighting for power, to ultimately operating at a high level of esprit.