Al Bolea

Author Applied Leadership Development

Questions for Al

  1. There are so many leadership books on the market, what sets Applied Leadership: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery apart?


  1. In the book you assert that leaders are made, not born implying that anyone can attain leadership mastery. Why do you believe that?


  1. If everyone can be a leader, then what makes a great leader?


  1. In the book you describe the J-Curve Model of leadership, what is the J-Curve Model and when did this idea come about?


  1. Which of the nine elements of leadership mastery is important for aspiring leaders?


  1. At what point did you adopt leadership as a practice?


  1. The book is filled with stories to illustrate the nine elements, are those real life experiences?


  1. Which element do you struggle with most?


  1. On your path to leadership mastery, who had the most influence on your journey?


  1. What are you working on now?

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