C.A.P. Podcast on Leadership for Women Entrepreneurs

NOVEMBER 6, 2014 Podcast Interview with Carma Spense- Listen to the podcast:  Leadership, a key skill for women entrepreneurs, can be learned. In this episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, Al Bolea shares some ideas, tips and advice about leadership and what makes a great leader.

Bolea says that great leaders understand that we are all on a journey, and that leaders help people with these journeys. They give their team, their followers, direction. He also asserts that great leaders have integrity, they are worthy of trust. In fact, integrity is probably the most important factor in successful leadership.

Another two factors Bolea discusses in the podcast are building an effective team and being supportive to what others need. Great leaders build great teams through diversity, especially diversity of perspective and way of approaching solutions. They also support the people on their team by helping them feel seen, heard and valued. This is achieved through conversations that build rapport.
Podcast first published on carmaspence.com

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