Leadership 360 Assessment

The Leadership 360 Assessment is designed for senior executives. It is a process for collecting perspectives about an executive’s leadership behaviors and skills from a wide range of observers, including peers, direct reports, boss(es), and people outside the organization, such as clients, family members, and others nominated by the executive to assess them. Feedback and powerful insights are the key benefits particularly as the assessors’ views are contrasted against the executive's self-assessment. In addition, the executive receives a comparison of their leadership rating compared to benchmarks established in the ALS range of leadership skills.

The feedback is arranged consistent with the nine key competencies in the ALS leadership model:

  1. Set direction for an organization
  2. Build high-performing teams
  3. Manage performance
  4. Structure and organization effectively
  5. Nurture behaviors in self and others
  6. Conversations that create a future
  7. Support people to achieve their highest potential
  8. Create context that clarifies the boundaries of right and wrong
  9. Provide the space for people to deliver results


Recommended actions are provided in each Element for the executive to create their customized plan for improvement and success.