Introduction to the Seminars


eaders build teams that deliver performance. They help others achieve their fullest potential. Leaders change the way people think about the future and what is possible.

Either new or existing teams will gain new leadership tools and build greater cooperation among the members. The seminars bring personal and professional transformation to your team.

Two or three-day seminars can be customized to meet a client’s needs and include a combination of the following topics:.

Being a Leader



ow do great leaders create the “force field” that compels their organization?

In this one day seminar, you’ll learn the foundational values of great leadership and the critical roles that context, messaging and storytelling have in building a great organization. We’ll dispel the greatest myths about leadership, and replace them with time-tested truths that you can put to work in your organization immediately. Finally, we’ll discuss how a leader builds and maintains credibility and trust – and why that is critical for all successful leaders today.

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