Applied Leadership Development: Unveiling Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery

Spring, TX, Oct. 2, 2014 – One is not born a leader – it’s something you become. So how do you become a great leader? Dispelling the myth that “leaders are natural born”, Al Bolea and Leanne Atwater take you on a journey of self-discovery in their new book, Applied Leadership Development, to help you realize your leadership potential.

Applied Leadership Development: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery, set for release in December 2014, was written for practicing managers, executives, and leadership training programs. “The ultimate manifestation of a great leader is the team that surrounds them,” says Bolea.  A talented, intelligent and capable group of people doesn’t become a team—a leader makes them one.

Using the J-curve model, which outlines nine critical elements for adopting the necessary skills for leadership mastery, authors Bolea and Atwater take you on a journey that will inform, instruct, and entertain. The combination of Bolea’s personal, practical experience and Atwater’s cutting edge research will guide the reader on an exploration and self-reflection of his/her own path toward leadership mastery.

Al Bolea is a corporate leadership trainer and the founder of Applied Leadership Seminars. From his humble beginnings at a coal mine company to his career as the CEO/GM of a large independent oil company in the UAE and an executive of a major international oil and gas company, Al has worked at nearly every level within the natural resource extraction industry. Currently, Al is the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership at the University of Alaska and a guest leadership lecturer at the University of Houston.

Leanne Atwater is professor of management in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. She has published more than 50 articles and two books in the areas of leadership. She teaches leadership development at the graduate and undergraduate levels and is also the editor of The Leadership Quarterly.

Bolea is available for speaking engagements, coaching, and training seminars that encourage a journey towards leadership mastery and self-discovery through which boundaries are removed and new opportunities arise.  For more information, please visit:

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Applied Leadership Development: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery

By Al Bolea and Leanne Atwater

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 978-1-84872-584-3 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-84872-583-6 (hardback)

Release Date:  Dec. 14, 2014




Applied Leadership: Al Bolea Says You Are What You Do

Spring, TX, April 27, 2013 – From the kindergarten room to the boardroom, it’s commonly believed that a person’s perception of their potential will affect their behavior. This theory suggests you just think positive and somehow, magically, you’ll manifest the needed skills. But Al Bolea’s Applied Leadership Seminars turn this belief on its head.

“My position is that behavior drives potential,” says Bolea. “There’s been a great deal of research by contemporary psychologists and neuroscientists confirming this. Simply stated, when a person becomes aware of their behavior and changes it to adopt the behaviors of great leaders, they will become a great leader.”

People begin their leadership journey when they embrace the idea that their behavior determines their future potential, Bolea continues. This redefined potential-behavior relationship shines a new light on everything else in an organization.

While Al Bolea travels around the globe presenting this transformative approach to applied leadership, this summer a lucky few will have an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth: the Alaskan Experience. From August 11 – 16, 2013, the Executive Leadership Retreat will combine topics from the Applied Leadership Seminars and guided fishing in the pristine waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Spectacular natural wonders, stimulating leadership inquiry, team fishing in a rigorous environment, and evening dinners with gourmet Alaskan specialties offer a rare opportunity for leadership teams to re-envision their organization’s future. Attendees will initially stay at the Cape Fox Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, then travel by sea plane to the Waterfall Resort, one of the finest remote sport fishing destinations in the world. Waterfall attracts anglers of all skill levels, from novice to avid, celebrities and professional athletes. The resort on Prince of Wales Island is the ideal all-inclusive Alaskan resort with a one-to-one staff-to-guest ratio.

Al Bolea offers Applied Leadership Seminars year-round. Designed as team experiences, they are ideal for groups of 12-16 attendees. Teams will gain new leadership tools and build greater cooperation among the members, achieving lasting personal and professional transformations. Eleven seminar options range from 5 days in length for “Leadership Transformation” to a 1 day seminar for “Being A Leader.”

The founder and architect of the Applied Leadership Seminars, Al Bolea is an executive leadership coach with clients in many industries. He is the former CEO/GM of Dubai Petroleum and a retired BP executive. His industry career spans almost forty years, including assignments in the US, UK and Middle East. He lectures at the University of Houston, and is the Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of Alaska.

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