ALDP© Executive Coaching

Applied Leadership Seminars helps executives transform their ability to lead themselves, their teams and their organizations to a better future. Our goal is to provide customized coaching that not only introduces best practices in leadership, but also transforms how the executive thinks, feels and acts so that they become more capable of influencing organizational outcomes.

The structure of ALDP coaching is two-staged.  The first stage involves four assessments that are done online:  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Intelligence, SCARF, which is a motivation assessment, and the proprietary Leadership 360 Assessment.  The Leadership 360 Assessment is a rigorous, 200-question survey completed by the executive, manager, direct reports and peers, and covers the executive’s level of achievement on the nine ALDP Leadership Competencies (see the attachment).  These competencies cover both organizational and personal leadership skills.

The second stage includes 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (minimum of an hour) over a three-month period.  This duration is essential for the coach-executive relationship to evolve. The results of the assessments are fed into the program and oriented to problem solving through discussion and feedback. The experience engages the executive to address the question:  What is holding them back from achieving their fullest potential as a leader?  The coach helps the executive create a personalized action plan to close the “knowing/doing” gap by addressing concrete practices they will focus on after the coaching program is completed. This experience results in a boost in ownership of the executive’s challenges and a feeling of empowerment.

During the program the executive will also complete the Leadership Support Assessment.  This is another proprietary tool that provides feedback to the executive about their ability to build and support constructive relationships in a company (and in their lives overall).

The capstone of the coaching experience occurs on the 12th session when the executive’s manager is invited to participate.  The executive presents their action plan and seeks feedback and the support of their manager.

The services provided by the coach to the executive are coaching (in person or video conference) designed for the sole purpose of aiding them in achieving their leadership and business objectives.  Applied Leadership Seminars LLC provides leadership coaching, and is not a life coach, therapist, or counselor.  Coaching sessions may address specific personal projects, business issues, or general conditions in the executive’s life or profession, but will not in any way engage in therapy, counseling, or advisory services.