Applied Leadership Development Program


Over the last 10 years, Applied Leadership Seminars have helped thousands of leaders to transform their ability to lead themselves, their teams and their organizations to a better future.

Our goal is to provide solid programming that not only introduces best practices in leadership, but also shapes how each participant thinks, feels and acts so that they become more capable of influencing organizational outcomes. Learning is two-fold: (1) incremental in that it helps participants deliver current results for the organization, and (2) transformative in that shows them how to develop new potential for themselves and their organization.

Our signature offering, the Applied Leadership Development Program (ALDP) has evolved into a 13-month program that integrates training, assessment, coaching and practice over the course of a year. This long-term approach is extremely effective because it provides a lot of reinforcement and the support of a learning community as participants challenge themselves to test new leadership skills in their area of accountability.

While most of our leadership theory is universal, we strive to keep our content current and relevant as the workplace environment is constantly evolving. Recently, the MeToo movement has brought attention to the need for businesses to address toxic cultures and end sexual harassment and discrimination. We believe that good leaders must not only have the skill to address these negative behaviors should they arise, they must also proactively foster an inclusive and equitable environment for all. To support our participants in developing these skills, we have added the competency of Versatility to our leadership model and programming. Versatility is the ability to optimally blend masculine and feminine strengths to improve outcomes. The concept of Versatility is useful to help leaders identify and break through unconscious biases that limit a full expression of masculine and feminine strengths in themselves and those they lead. Versatile leaders not only improve their ability to work across gender lines they also become more adept at working across cultural, generational and functional lines.

ALDP Structure

The structure of ALDP (see below) embraces the reality that leadership training fades quickly from the mind without support and refreshment. Leadership training is like snow, the softer and more frequently it falls the deeper it sinks below the surface. The flow of ALDP is the snow. It starts with three assessments that are done online: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Intelligence, and SCARF, which is a motivation assessment. These assessments come to life during the 5 ½ day Learning Experience (plus one evening session) done in a group dynamic of up to 16 participants, i.e., a cohort.

Six Stages of Leadership Training and Development

This Experience is structured around state-of-the-art training practices grounded in neuroscience and adult learning principles. Although content with immediate relevance is provided in a teaching mode, the bulk of the program is oriented to transformative learning through reflective engagement, feedback and activities that create richer learning than passive listening or reading. Emotional storytelling is used extensively so that participants can reflect and learn from their feelings. A major product of the Experience engages participants to address the question: What is holding the company back from achieving its fullest potential? The group works in a problem-solving mode to prepare a proposed action plan which they present to a senior company executive during the evening session on Day 3. This experience results in an immediate boost in ownership of organizational challenges by all participants and enhances feelings of empowerment.

Immediately after the Experience each participant completes the proprietary Leadership 360 Assessment. The assessment is a rigorous, 200-question survey completed by the participant, manager, direct reports and peers, and covers the participant’s level of achievement on the nine ALDP Leadership Competencies (see the attachment). These competencies cover both organizational and personal leadership skills.

Two, one-on-one sessions with a certified coach follow to help participants close the knowing/doing gap. The first coaching session centers on the Emotional Intelligence assessment (Month 2) and the second on the Leadership 360 Assessment (Month 4). In these sessions the coach helps the participants create a personalized action plan to close the “knowing/doing” gap by selecting a few concrete practices they will focus on during the duration of the program.

The program continues in Month 6 when the cohort comes together for an eight-hour “refreshment” of the Leadership Competencies. Five months of “soaking” will have occurred along with the coaching reinforcement. Motivation for change is encouraged through the presentation of the cohort’s Leadership 360 results, including a gap analysis relative to each of the nine Leadership Competencies. Co-coaching is utilized extensively to engage the learners in closing gaps and completing the practices outlined in their development plan.

In advance of the session each participant completes the Leadership Support Assessment. This is another proprietary tool that provides feedback to the participant about their ability to build and support constructive relationships in a company (and in their lives overall).

The capstone of ALDP occurs on Month 13 when the cohort comes together again, this time for a four-hour “Touch Up.” A second Leadership 360 Assessment is completed so each participant can gauge their level of improvement over the previous 12 months. A leadership gap analysis is prepared for the Cohort and used to focus the group on its three lowest Leadership Competencies. In advance of the session, we work with the client’s management to prepare one-page descriptions of three current issues that mirror the three lowest Leadership Competencies of the cohort. The group works in a problem-solving mode to prepare an action plan to present to a senior company executive who’s invited to participate. This capstone experience not only embeds the leadership learning, but it helps solve current problems for the company.

ALDP Flexibility


We advocate for the full 13-month ALDP for any level in a company, and especially the executive, director, and manager levels. That said, the components of our program can be customized to meet your particular needs. For example, you may opt to just invest in the 5 ½ day Learning Experience and add components e.g. Assessment, Coaching, Refresh, and Touch Up as suits your budget or other constraints. For more junior levels in a company the Learning Experience can be reduced to 3 ½ days and cover the following Leadership Competencies: Set Direction, Build a Cadre of People, Nurture Behaviors, and Conversation.

Cascading learning through multiple cohorts at different levels in a company creates echoes and expectations in the organization that not only reinforce shared accountability but shapes a culture for a company that supports long-term viability.

ALDP© helps leaders - at all levels – enhance confidence in their ability to create and deliver a viable future for their organization in an ever-changing environment.

ALDP© is a customizable program that provides:

Behavior awareness and the tools to manage one’s self to become the leader that they aspire to be. A person’s behavior is not a consequence of who they are – it’s an input to what they can be.

Skills to do the things that great leaders do - demystifying leadership into a set of skills that can be learned.

Team Building capabilities and a high level of confidence in one’s ability to create teams that deliver great things.


ALDP© concentrates on nine proven competencies that convert challenges into possibilities that can be delivered.

Five competencies about What Leaders Do

  • Set direction for an organization
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Manage performance
  • Structure an organization effectively
  • Nurture behaviors in self and others

Four competencies about How Leaders Lead

  • Conversations that create a future
  • Support people to achieve their highest potential
  • Create context that clarifies the boundaries of right and wrong
  • Provide the space for people to deliver results

Learning and applying the lessons of ALDP©  in an organization creates a critical balance of leaders who help groups of people:

  1. Grow their potential
  2. Capture the power of diversity by affecting positive dispositions
  3. Nurture constructive behaviors in themselves and others
  4. Understand context through a congruence of enabling messages
  5. Be credible
  6. Use organization structure changes wisely
  7. Assure delivery through effective performance management
  8. Avoid critical mistakes and unintended consequences
  9. Achieve a high level of team performance
  10. Proactively manage risks
  11. Pace the organization for success by setting priorities
  12. Create and sustain a viable future for the organization
  13. Influence and shape the system of environments within and outside of the organization


The ALDP© Program

The leadership program is unique because it’s delivered in a team environment and customized for your company’s needs.

Custom Program

  • Delivered on-site or venue of company choosing.

  • Groups of 12-16 people in teams of executives, managers, or supervisors.

  • Options for a 6-to 18-month program that our customized to meet the unique needs of the client.

Leadership learning is like snow … the longer it dwells, the deeper it sinks into the mind.

ALDP© is delivered in stages to provide time for it to “dwell” and continuous reinforcement of the leadership skills and behaviors. Stages for a 6-to 18-month program include:

Pre-work: Completion of three assessments – (1) Multi-Health Systems EQ-I Emotional Intelligence Assessment, (2) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, and (3) SCARF Motivation Assessment.

Learning Experience: Five and one-half, eight-hour days of instruction and work-group sessions covering the nine competencies of ALDP©. Ideal sequence is Thursday/Friday sessions, weekend off, and completion following Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday half day. At the end of instruction, the attendees are provided a copy of the book Applied Leadership Development: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery to read as reinforcement of the ALDP©.

Assess: One week later the attendees complete the Leadership 360 Assessment which collects opinions about an attendee’s leadership abilities from a range of co-workers, managers, and direct reports, and compares it to the attendee’s self-perception.

Coaching: A month later, each participant has the first of two 60-minute one-on-one sessions with a certified coach, with special focus on learning from the EQ-I Assessment. Two months later, each participant has a follow up session with their coach to solidify an action plan and incorporate insights from the Leadership 360 Assessment.

Refresh: During month seven, the group reassembles for an eight-hour “refreshment” of the nine leadership competencies with particular emphasis on refining each attendee’s leadership action plan.

Assess and Touch-Up: Twelve months after the Learning Experience, each participant completes a second 360 Assessment to gauge progress on incorporating the leadership concepts in their day-to-day life. Between 12- 18 months, the group reassembles again for a half day “touch-up” that focuses the leadership learning on confronting 2-3 real-life issues facing the organization.