Bolea and Atwater do a masterful job of blending practical experiences with cutting edge research. Their story-telling approach powerfully combines wisdom with theory into a book that reads more like a weekend novel than a leadership development guide. Suitable for corporate development as well as university classrooms, practitioners and scholars alike will find the book to be highly informative, research supported, and a pleasure to read.

— Kevin B. Lowe, University of Auckland, Fletcher Building Education Trust Chair in Leadership


I have found this a fascinating book to read and my only criticism is that it is at least 30 years too late – for me at least.  If I had had the opportunity to read it before I embarked upon school leadership I am sure that I would have made a much more effective headmaster!  Although our respective fields of operation were very different I found great synchronicity with my leadership experience.  Reading the book I was able to think, “Yes, I got that right,” or “I was on the right lines there.”  However, the book also exposed my weaknesses and the areas and ways in which I was less effective – and why.  So, far too late for me but I hope that the book enjoys wide readership on an international scale; I believe it has so much to offer leaders and potential leaders in all fields of work.

–Brian McDowell, Production and Proofreading Editor, Taylor and Francis, Retired Headmaster


Al and Leanne’s experiences and teachings in Applied Leadership Development drive home the message of what we take on in our roles as leaders. Leadership is about courage, accountability and the willingness to grow and change.  This book is more than a one – time read, it is a tremendous resource manual that will help you grow regardless of where you are in your leadership journey.

–Scott Knutson, Vice President, Executive Accounts, Nalco Champion


The book is a treasure trove of information that provides practical examples of, as well the theoretical bases for, leadership principles that work.  This insightful book is written in a style that presents complex ideas in a highly accessible and usable manner.  It is a good cover-to-cover read as well as great reference to review when specific leadership opportunities arise.  I keep it handy.

–John R. D. Stalvey, Ph.D., Professor and Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage


I appreciate the opportunity to read through the manuscript. Al Bolea and Leanne Atwater have distilled the essence of leadership and answer questions that aspiring leaders ask. This is among the most valuable and insightful books on leadership I have seen, one that works well at the intersection of theory and practical leadership – a very worthy read.

— Governor Sean Parnell, Alaska